PowerCADD™ is the premier professional computer aided design and drafting program designed specifically for Apple Macintosh computers. It is easy to use, rock solid, a joy to use, and has become known internationally from small professional offices to large corporations and to government as ... "Just the best 2D design tool available on any platform".

In 1987, Evoy & Associates became Engineered Software's first international distributor for their computer aided design related products by becoming the exclusive distributor of PowerCADD products in Canada. We introduced PowerCADD™ products to Apple Canada, Apple Dealers, and architectural, engineering and design professionals across Canada.

PowerCADD™ products are supported in Canada directly by Evoy & Associates. The telephone support line (204 453 70 88) is available to registered Canadian users from 07:00 hours CT through 19:00 hours CT, Monday through Friday. For Saturdays, the support line is call forwarded to a staff cellular phone and is available to registered Canadian users from 09:00 hours CT through to 17:00 hours CT.

Due to the fluctuating value of the Canadian dollar, price lists are available only on a request basis. Product purchase and upgrade enquiries are welcome on our toll free sales line at 1 888 PWR CADD or email us.

In any case, we hope you enjoy your visit.

PowerCADD™ Products by Engineered Software